ST GEORGES MARKET : 9.30am – 1pm

Bbeyond: Brian Connolly

An Interactive Performance Artwork where the artist tries to sell surreal and satirical items to the public including:
Centimetres from a wooden Metre Ruler, Countries of the world from a World Map, 2nd hand teeth, A star-map umbrella, interactive googles, NATO Darts Game etc.
Some activities are free, some cost money.
The artwork works best among other market traders or street traders, but can work on it’s own in a busy place in a City centre.


MA ART IN PUBLIC : An Anarchist Plot

The MA Art in Public students will take part in Fix 09 centring their activities in and around the Eglantine Community Garden (aka the Anarchist Plot). Current students Bernadine Carrol, Sinead Conlon, Celia Spouncer and Jan Uprichard will be joined by the new incoming cohort to develop and present individual, collaborative, interventionist, site responsive and participatory works in relation to this area and its’ publics.

These activities will take place on 1st – 2nd October, in the Eglantine Community Garden in South Belfast, between Eglantine Avenue and Malone Avenue off the Malone Road. Go through the alleys at the sides of the houses, there are 4!

CATALYST ARTS : 5pm – 8pm

CURIOUS : the moment I saw you I knew I could love you

Leslie Hill and Helen Paris will be offering up a series one to one and some to some experiences as work in progress for their new performance installation the moment I saw you I knew I could love you. Developed with the support of a Wellcome Trust Arts Award and featuring film and soundscapes made in collaboration with Andrew Kotting and Graeme Miller, the piece navigates a jagged terrain of guts and gut feelings. Curious will be premiering the work in London in November 2009, so this is a chance to see the work at an early stage of development.

Helen Paris and Leslie Hill have been working together as Curious for the past twelve years. In that time, they have made nearly forty projects in a range of disciplines including performance, installation, publication and film. The work is global and domestic: sometimes large, sometimes small in scale. Intimacy and a shared sense of encounter with an audience is always an important element.


TO BOOK or 02890 313303


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