OPEN PLATFORM at PS2 : 1pm – 1am

18 Donegall St

Open Platform at FIX09 showcases the most innovative and engaging new performance work by emerging artists from across the UK and Ireland.

2pm – Ian Clotworthy (Ire)
location: outside Job Centre on Chichester Street


1pm – Anne Quail (N.I.)
3pm – Niamhie Davis : Romance Confessional Booth (Ire)
5pm – Elena Cassidy-Smith : What I really want to say is…’(NI)
7pm – Students from University of Ulster
9pm – Noemi Lakmaier : We Are For You Because We Are Against Them’(Austria)
11pm – Philip McCrilly

CATALYST ARTS : 7pm – 10pm

The Catalyst team have handpicked a selection of artist’s films for the show reel, with work from established and emerging artists. We’ll be screening work which tests the boundaries of video, live action and audience participation.

Breathe : Michael Fortune : Fiona Larkin : Marcel Sparmann & Mayte Kappel : Inês Botelho : Julien Lonchamp


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