Steven Anderson

Anti-Structure and Others

Saturday 26th September

Catalyst Arts 7.30 – 8.30pm

I propose constructing a type of complete environment to address the relic-hood and fetish bound character of art production in differing ways.

One way is to meet those traits head on and push them reflexively to a limit by making paintings, which refer strongly and typically to art history.

Another way is conversely, in creating and performing actions, which promote shared experience to consider the ritual and relic nature of the everyday.

The work will show paintings and found objects alongside live action to present a blurring of the boundaries between:

personal / public,

individual / community,

pre logic / logic.

Each performance presents collected distinct actions that function to engage with the audience in ways influenced by oral culture and elementary theatre practice. A part of each performance is formed of unaccompanied singing. With an aim to make artwork outside my own preconceptions of acceptable style, fashion or taste the songs and the singing are from a position of technical ignorance.

Steven Anderson gained an MFA with distinction at Dundee in 2008, having previously graduated from Drawing and Painting at Glasgow School of Art. Current projects include an artist residency in Venice and Arbroath with Scottish Sculpture Workshop and a collaborative residency/research project in the Neonatal Unit of Glasgow Southern General Hospital.


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