Roundtable: Audience participation: democracy or autocracy?


SATURDAY 3rd OCTOBER : 3pm – 4.30pm

In the context of an international performance festival, Fix09 explores the relational aspect of public interventions: participation. Fix09 is hosting a public discussion, trying to get beyond the broad definitions towards a better understanding to the relationship aspect of participation, the role of the artist, the role of the active audience, the role of the art piece, process and outcome, the mutual benefit (or damage) that can happen, the limits of a participatorial relationship.

As FIX09 is taking place in Belfast, it also includes the exploration of the special circumstances of participatorial relationships in a society that is dealing with a latened, sectarian conflict.

Six speakers will each give a 5 minute response to their position to participatorial relationships in the artistic, performative contexts, followed by questions and contributions from the wider audience.

Chaired by Susanne Bosch, artist and Course Director for the MA Art in Public at University of Ulster.

Speakers are: Alastair Maclennan, installation artist and performer; Dan Jewesbury, artist and writer; Sinead O’Donnell, performer; Sarah Tuck, Executive Director of CREATE, the national development agency for collaborative arts; Josh Ippel and Charlie Rodderick, Hideous Beast.


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