Open Platform at PS²

Open Platform

Tuesday 29th September

PS² Gallery 1pm-1am

18 Donegall Street

Open Platform at FIX09 showcases the most innovative and engaging new performance work by emerging artists from across the UK and Ireland. Taking place within and around the PS² gallery, each artist will work over two hours during the day, working with public interactions,private exchanges, high drama and quiet reflection.

2pmIan Clotworthy location: outside Job Centre on Chichester Street


Ian Clotworthy’s performance stall is an intervention into the economy designed to promote financial independence through learning new skills to save money. Sited outside the social welfare office, he buys and sells skills so that customers can diversify their abilities to make and mend.


1pmAnne Quail

(Northern Ireland)

3pm – Niamhie Davis Romance Confessional Booth

(Ireland) Niamh Davis will be inviting you into her Romance Confessional Booth to confess your secrets, ask her advice or simply to discuss issues of the heart. For more information please go to Iheart You on Facebook.

5pm – Elena Cassidy-Smith ‘What I really want to say is…’

(Northern Ireland) An anonymous platform for all those things left unsaid; secrets, ambitions, hopes and desires. Audiences are invited to participate in the creation of a list of revelations over tea and cake. No artistic skills needed, just conversation.

7pmStudents from University of Ulster

Second year students colaberation of visuals, sound projection and form.  Light hearted, spontaneous approach to performance art.

Danny Kingsberry . Jordan Todd . Jenny Sharratt

9pm – Noemi Lakmaier ‘We Are For You Because We Are Against Them’


11pmStudents from University of Ulster – Philip McCrilly

A series of quiet interventions. McCrilly will perform from memory a given translation of spanish poetry, a time based learning of a sonnet.


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