Hideous Beast


Hideous Beast’s OddJobs is a full service artist collaboration for hire.  Need some help realising your art projects? Hideous Beast can help. They are two kind, intelligent, experienced and hardworking artists looking for work.

Hideous Beast are qualified to assist various art methods, including but not limited to photography, painting, sculpture, new media, performance, printmaking, installation and social practice. The character or degree of their service, or ‘collaboration’, can be determined through conversation with the individual client.
In exchange for their assistance, Hideous Beast will document their services and any associated activities. They will also negotiate with each client a means by which to acknowledge Hideous Beast’s role in the production of the product.

Odd Jobs is an ongoing project throughout Fix09. For more information or to procure an Odd Job from Hideous Beast, contact us at catalystarts@gmail.com. 

About Hideous Beast:

Hideous Beast is a collaborative effort between two artists, Josh Ippel and Charlie Roderick. Through organizing structured participatory events they attempt to encourage cultural activity outside the bounds of mainstream entertainment and fabricated desire.

Critical of the audience as a passive participant, Hideous Beast seeks to coordinate events in which an acknowledged exchange between the event (as entertainment) and the spectator (as collaborator) can generate meanings beyond traditional formalized modes of entertainment.




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