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Dan Shipsides: T5 field cinema

(Small groups of people going to remote-ish and pertinent locations to watch films and artist videos.)

This is the launch of artist Dan Shipsides’ ongoing project of informally showing artist and feature films in interesting remote locations. It utilises a T5* generation VW van, converted as a campervan to screen videos in remote locations (screen, video projector and petrol generator).

The T5 field cinema is supported by a forum which will bring together people, films and locations. Participants can use the forum to involve themselves and help initiate or propose screening events.

Please register to become involved

It’s Belfast based with potential screening locations initially within an hour or two drive of the city – but anyone can take part via the forum and potentially in person.

Screenings will take place during the week of the festival, dates tbc.

* T5 – the 5th generation of VW van – lineage of the cult Split and Bay window vans.

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