About Catalyst Arts

Catalyst Arts

Formed over 15 years ago in response to what was seen as a cultural vacuum, Catalyst Arts is as an agency for promoting culturally engaged artistic endeavours on both a local and international basis.

Catalyst Arts is Belfast’s primary non-profit artist led organisation, run by unpaid volunteers who are motivated by a passion for the arts and an intense interest in the cultural development of Belfast. Today Catalyst Arts has a reputation and proven track record as an organisation which consistently programmes and supports artistic projects of a socially and culturally engaged nature. Aside from programming and supporting art projects, Catalyst Arts also facilitates and programmes talks, seminars, screenings and music events.

Catalyst Arts was founded on a constitution that provides a structure in which power flows from the roots of its membership to the committee of directors. Catalyst Arts boasts an archive of over 2000 unique documents of N. Irish art history, which it is currently preparing to make publicly accessible. Catalyst Arts has also organised projects internationally.


5 College Court
Belfast BT1 6BX

PHONE: (00 44) 028 90313303
FAX: (00 44) 028 90312737

EMAIL: catalystarts@gmail.com
WEB: www.catalystarts.org.uk


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