CROWN BAR, BELFAST : 1pm – 7pm


for appointments:

Announcing a unique opportunity to participate in a performance at the Crown Bar.
New York artist Morgan O’Hara will be doing a LIVE TRANSMISSION performance at the Crown Bar on Wednesday 30 September 2009 in one of the pub’s snugs.

You are invited to sign up for a half hour slot to have a pint and tell a story to O’Hara who will draw the movement of your hands as you speak. Be inventive. Use the opportunity well. Invite a friend with whom you have had a disagreement and use the time to sort it out while O’Hara documents it with her pencils. Propose marriage in the snug and have this time-based art witness it. Celebrate someone’s birthday, read your favorite poetry…use the situation for something special and it will be made into history as a graphite drawing. A copy of the drawing will be sent to you from Catalyst Arts. Sign up for your time slot!

CATALYST ARTS : 7.30pm – 9.30pm

JOHN BYRNE : Believers

John’s performance takes the form of a slide illustrated monologue and the showing of 3 short video/performance pieces. He has recently begun a process which explores the idea of investing belief in High Culture, that Art is somehow a route to a kind of Salvation. One of the videos, ”Believers”uses ‘art language’ in prayer-like mantra in a conversation with a reclining nude model.

THIRD ANGEL : Words and Pictures

Third Angel will be trying out a selection of material for Words & Pictures – a book reading for a book they haven’t actually finished yet, but will be presenting at the Off The Shelf Festival in Sheffield in October 2009. A catalogue of obsessions. A meditation on stillness and loneliness. A fascination with dice, rules, games and friendship. A conversation to read in the dark. An investigation into local legend and dead marine life. Words to accompany pictures.

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