MA Art in Public, Nov 28th

MA Art in Public
28 November
15.00h – 19.00h
Ormeau Road

The Master Art in Public has evolved from current complex concerns for the role of art / artists in a changing society.It engages in the interrogation of the territories of art in civil society and the modes of practice to inhabit and develop them. The programme seeks to develop testing modes of working that are dialogic, participatory, interventionist and collaborative in intention and structure. These practices are interconnected with social movements of globalised, networked societies.The MA is based in Belfast, where engaged art practices have been developed in contested spaces for many years. Throughout the programme students will work with external partners and be expected to develop innovative art practices.


The participants are:-

Christine Cadmann- Kris Gillen- Wendy Nicole Keys- Michelle Nolan- Eleanor Phillips- Saoirse Higgins- Susanne Bosch- goldisthecolour- Michelle Nolan


Special guests (from MFA)- Sinead McKeever- Ann Marie Dillon


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