Nov 26th to 30th at FIX07

Monday 26th November
Old Museum Arts Centre
1pm – 3pm

Legitimate Bodies Dance Company:


This 2-hour workshop is a great opportunity to experience the work of the newly formed contemporary dance company “Legitimate Bodies”. The session starts with a release-based warm up that focuses on alignment, spine and floor work and culminates in a dynamically challenging sequence that emphasize the use of the body in the space. This is followed by a choreographic session in which the participants are encouraged to look at the space with its restrictions, whether imposed or chosen, as a primary source of movement. The whole workshop builds towards a structured improvisation derived from these ideas of spatial relationships. Relationships arise between two bodies and between the body and the surrounding architectural space.

Price: £7 regular fee / £5 concession

Monday 26th November
Old Museum Arts Centre

Title: History is Still a Game
A solo in which a young girl considers what it means to dress in a wedding dress.

Title: Lingering on a Diagonal
To live commentary an audience interactive danced romance for the 21st Century. Nick and Cristina are the Italian woman and the Irishman at home trying to work out their troubled relationship. By a touch on your mobile you can decide on their fate!

Special Guest Appearance from Milan via New York: Marta Ciappina performs a choreography by John Jasperse
Title: Breathing Space
“A solo created about the urge of breathing, the breath which fills the space, giving resonant sounding form to the swinging body, from public to private states of beings, very simple activities that come one after the other in a day-like timing, scanned by syncopated rhythm of the movement so that an irregularity between silence and acceleration is unavoidable.”

Price: £7 regular fee / £5 concession

Tickets and Bookings for both workshop and performances: Old Museum and Arts Centre (OMAC) on 028 90 23 3332

Tuesday 27th November
Catalyst Arts Gallery

Daniel Vais – The Love Spotters

The Love Spotters is a collective group of performers with apparently special needs.
At the core of its work, The Love Spotters focuses on dance, movement and live art, experimenting with different styles and forms.

Wednesday 28th and Thursday 29th November
Ormeau Rd. and embankment
3pm – 7pm

The Master Art in Public will be performing a series of interventions and actions. The MA has evolved from current complex concerns for the role of art / artists in a changing society.
It engages in the interrogation of the territories of art in civil society and the modes of practice to inhabit and develop them. The programme seeks to develop testing modes of working that are dialogic, participatory, interventionist and collaborative in intention and structure. These practices are interconnected with social movements of globalised, networked societies.

Thursday 29th November
Sonic Lab at Queens (Malone Rd.)


SARC (Sonic Arts Research Centre)

SARC presents a programme of new music performed simultaneously in Belfast, Hamburg and Graz. This unique event showcases strategies for performance over the network including instrumental, audio-visual and laptop work. Point your browser to to collaborate in the making of the performance!

Friday 30th November
Catalyst Arts Gallery

The Ma Art in Public will host a public round table discussion on art in the public realm, drawing in part on their experience of working in FIX.


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